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  • New Web Link for RS License Types:


    The State of Ohio recently implemented a new licensing system for registered sanitarians ONLY. As part of the new system, all new applicants will be asked to create a user profile to access the system & will be notified how to do so beginning in August 2015.

    After logging in to access your licensure information, all users will be required to provide updated address and contact information. Once this is completed, users will be able to apply for licenses, renew licenses, and submit service requests, such as address changes and license verifications.

    For those of you expiring on January 31, 2016, renewals will now be accessed through the system starting on December 1, 2015. Please ensure that you verify the accuracy of the information in your user profile prior to that date, including a valid email address.

    Changes for SIT's, Training Agency's and CE submission will be coming soon. We hope that you are as excited about the benefits of this new system as we are!

  • Pocket ID Cards:

Effective December 1, 2014, the Board will no longer be mailing out pocket ID cards. If you need to verify yourself or an individual on your staff, please visit the Board website License Verification link. Enter the profession (Sanitarian Board should be selected if you access this via the Board website), the individuals last and first names only and hit search. If you click on the individuals name it will pull up their registration information. This verification is real time and offers the same information we print on pocket ID cards. Please do not enter any additional information or change any of the information that is pre-populated on this screen. It may cause the computer system to return inaccurate results. If you need assistance with this process, please feel free to contact the Board office.

  • The Board now accepts courses taken ONLINE through FEMA, the CDC and NEHA without the submission of a CE2 application. Keep in mind that all certificates submitted to the Board must have the FEMA, CDC or NEHA logo to be acceptable. Some of these website will direct you to other online CE offerings. To receive credit for completing an ONLINE course taken through one of these entities, simply email, fax or mail your certificate to the Board office. If you are taking a classroom course offered through one of these entities you will need to submit the course for Board review.

    Keep in mind that all continuing education courses must be directly related to the practice of environmental health. Rule 4736-11-03(B) of the Ohio Revised Code states:

    Courses of study or programs of instruction offered to meet the continuing education requirements for the annual renewal of an individuals certificate of registration shall be board approved and in the following subject areas:

(1) Diseases and injuries caused by environmental factors and the applicable prevention techniques.

(2) Administrative law and process.

(3) The utilization of resources in the collection, arrangement, and interpretation of data.

(4) Environmental health administration.

(5) New or substantially revised environmental health laws, rules and process.

(6) Functional fields of environmental health to include are quality, food quality and protection, hazardous and toxic substances, consumer product safety, housing, institutional health and safety, community noise control, radiation protection, bioterrorism, recreational facilities, solid, infectious and liquid waste management, vector control, drinking water quality, milk sanitation, rabies control, land use and occupational health and safety.

(7) Environmental health planning or emergency preparedness.

(8) Communication skills.

(9) Organization or program management courses.

(10) Computer skills development and functional utilization.
Any course taken outside of the subject areas listed must be submitted to the Board for their consideration using a CE2 application. Please use your professional judgment when determining if the online course you intend to take meets these requirements. You can view the full text of the rule under the Laws and Rules tab on the Board website.
If you have any questions regarding the submission of your certificate or the amount of hours you will earn for courses completed do not hesitate to contact the Board office.